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Delisha McKinney, born in 1986 and raised in Chicago, is a self-taught artist who has nurtured her creative knowledge through supportive instructors and one-on-one tutoring. Growing up in a military household, Delisha developed a passion for various artistic subjects, including fiber arts, ceramics, photography, and relief sculptures, starting from a young age.


Delisha's artistic journey has been influenced by a wide range of inspirations, from beloved children's book author Dr. Seuss to influential hip-hop artist Dr. Dre. These diverse influences have shaped her unique storytelling approach.


Delisha's love for hip-hop and children's books is evident in her artwork, which combines elements of both genres. She pushes the boundaries of storytelling, aiming to create a visual narrative that captures the imagination and emotions of her audience.


One of Delisha's aspirations is to bring her stories and works to life through film production. Through this medium, she hopes to further engage viewers and immerse them in her imaginative world.


Overall, Delisha McKinney's artistic journey is characterized by her passion for various mediums, her dedication to self-teaching, and her desire to create meaningful and engaging stories that resonate with audiences of all ages.

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CV- Exhibitions


 Thinkspace Project Space

“Sweet Dreams & Beautiful Nightmares” Solo Exhibition- L.A., CA.


Vertical Gallery

Miami Scope Art Basel - Group Exhibition- Miami, FL.

Elephant Room Gallery

“The Madonna Series” Exhibition- Chicago, IL.

Arrticles Gallery

“The Never Ends" -  Solo Show -Chicago, IL.

“Fly Hero” - Delisha McKinney Figure Release - Chicago, IL.

“Party With Me” -  Delisha McKinney Print Release - Chicago, IL.

Elephant Room Gallery

“Atomic #13” - Group Exhibition- Chicago, IL

Frame Chicago

Vertical Gallery 

Project Space


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